Tana Oil & Gas

TANA OIL & GAS (pty) Ltd

TANA OIL & as (pty) Ltd South Africa and TANA Oil Gas (Private) Limited, Zimbabwe (herein referred as TANA) is a registered company in the energy sector.

Client: Tana Oil & Gas
Industry: Petroleum
Discipline: Brand Identity
Project Team: Linus Fordjo, Lloyd Agyekumhene


Flipbox has created brand identity for Tana Oil & Gas, a company that specialises in the petroleum supply industry between South Africa and Zimbawe. The team's main focus was to give the organisation a unique brand identity with a logo that will visually communicate their services to the target market. We chose a distinct colour pallet based on our research of its competitors' identity within the Southern part of Africa. The team paid more attention to a colour pallet that hasn't been explored by its competitors. We chose sheds of blue predominantly turquoise and gave Tana a visually communicative logo.


TANA OIL & as (pty) Ltd South Africa and 
TANA Oil Gas (Private) Limited, Zimbabwe