Our design services include 3D visualisation, graphic design, branding, UI/UX design, and mobile app and website development. We work closely with business owners to design digital products that enhance their performance. We aim to provide extraordinary experiences by developing innovative consumer and commercial products that create social impact and harness the latest technologies

3D Modelling and Visualisation

We specialise in both interior 3d visualisation

Branding and Identity design

At Flipbox Design, we go beyond the visual aspect

Website design and development

Our website design and development approach


User experience design is a user-centred

Mobile App development

A mobile application can offer a great advantage


Our SEO experts will work closely with you to improve your

3D Modelling & Visualisation

3D visualisation refers to the creation of rendering designs using 3D software. It is currently the preferred method of visualising designs and product concepts before manufacturing.

  • Where are 3D models and renders used?
    Magazines, social media, billboards, Television Ads, online shops, e-commerce websites and Real Estate.
  • Product Rendering
    Regarding showcasing products, 3D visualisation provides a significant edge over traditional product photography. It is the preferred method for creating virtual prototypes for marketing purposes. Photorealistic product renders allow companies and brands to experiment with various artistic ways to showcase product features in ways that traditional photography cannot match. Our team of professional 3D artists is always ready to assist you in making the most of 3D visualisation.
  • Interior Rendering
    We work alongside commercial and residential interior designers to produce photorealistic visuals using CGI for your interiors. Our team uses advanced 3D software to create lifelike and visually appealing renders. We add colours, textures, decorations, furniture, and lighting to bring a realistic view of the interior spaces to life.
  • Furniture rendering
    Furniture rendering is an innovative and efficient way of visualising affordable and less time-consuming products than photography. By utilising 3D software, we can create a virtual 3D model of furniture products and enhance them with materials and lighting to produce photorealistic virtual products. It allows you and your team to make informed decisions about the product without manufacturing it. Our team can conceptualise 3D models using digital or hand-drawn sketches, photos, 2D drawings, and various other CAD formats. In the online world, furniture rendering is the closest your website can get.to help clients make informed buying decisions by providing detailed visuals of your furniture.
  • Process
    We can create a 3D furniture product model according to your predefined specifications. This model will showcase your furniture in the virtual world, making it easier for your clients to visualise it. The model can be used on various platforms such as Amazon, your website, social media, and commercial advertisements. It comes with different visual content options like a 360-spin preview of the furniture, a plain background, furniture functionality videos, and, in some cases, AR & VR experiences. It helps to showcase your furniture as conveniently and interactively as possible.
  • Benefits
    3D Product modelling
    & texturing
    Our team of 3D artists utilises cutting-edge 3D modelling software to produce highly realistic images that can be used across various digital marketing platforms. By creating 3D models, businesses can reduce costs and save time that would otherwise be spent on traditional methods such as photography. We aim to ensure that the 3D assets we create effectively showcase all your products’ essential features.
  • 360 Product Spins
    Online stores should give shoppers enough confidence in the product purchase by providing a 360-degree view, which offers clarity and a better understanding of the product.
  • Lifestyle Images
    We produce photorealistic CGI lifestyle images using 3D assets to showcase furniture in a realistic setting, helping shoppers envision the perfect setup.
  • Product Function
    The rise in online shopping has increased pressure on business owners to provide customers with a clear understanding of product functionality before and after purchase. To address this, companies must offer animated product guides to assist users. Our team of 3D artists utilises 3D modelling to create visual demonstrations of product assembly and functionality.
  • Plain background images
    CGI can render all product angles for a distraction-free view of the product on a plain white background, providing customers with much-needed clarity.


User experience design is a user-centred approach that defines a user's experience when interacting with a company's products and services. We work in stages to achieve a comprehensive user journey.

Website design & development

Your website is your internet address, which is pivotal in giving your possible clients trust and credibility. It's the fastest medium for reaching out to audiences from across the globe. Our team will work with you throughout the process to ensure your audience.

  • Understanding the brand
    The inspiration derives from your branding (if you have any). In some cases, you may have yet to do your branding (check our branding section), and in such case scenarios, we will have a vaguely defined idea of your brand or assist you from scratch.
  • Development
    We start the development as soon as the web design has been successfully approved. This stage translates all the features and designs into a fully functional website.
  • Web testing & 5 Optimization
    Before publishing your website, we diligently assess every feature, such as ensuring it is SEO-optimized. We also ensure that both desktop and mobile versions are user-friendly. We will then check the possibilities of adding Cloudflare integrations for extra security or creating your multilingual website via Weglot.

Website SEO's

Our SEO experts will work closely with you to improve your business website's technical, on-page, and off-page SEO rather than relying on spammy backlinking strategies or unnecessary blogs that don't yield the desired results.

Our SEO experts will conduct a thorough website audit to identify areas needing improvement or updating.

Our focus areas for SEO improvement are crucial for enhancing your website's search engine ranking. These include TITLE TAGS, META DESCRIPTIONS, PAGE TITLES, PAGE COPY, and ALT TEXT. Adding relevant keywords to specific website areas can boost its search engine ranking for those terms.


A mobile application can offer a great advantage to your business. Not only does your referral rate go up, but it also significantly increases your business's repeat business. Mobile apps offer an excellent communication convenience between SMBs and customers.

  • Consultation
    We provide comprehensive audits and personalized consulting to facilitate a meticulous and accurate analysis. Our initial step involves delving into current trends and defining a target audience, app features, functionality, and upcoming technologies.
  • Discover
    Research is conducted, including our business analysts, developers, and UX designers, to fully gain deep knowledge of customers’ needs, segments, user stories, and necessary features powered by modern, advanced technologies on the market.
  • Architecture design
    Architecture modelling showcases excellent mobile applications with outstanding performance. We select the technology based on your goals as a client.
  • Development and Prototyping
    We harness the current engineering advances, build MVP prototypes PoCs, and finally test survivability. This ensures perfection and a well-refined solution that will reach the target audience.
  • Testing
    From the initial stage of the application development, our QA and DevOps expertise ensure a secure and seamless app performance. We test our solutions through various testing methods to guarantee excellent application delivery.
  • User Analytics
    We integrate app analytics tools to improve retention rates, uncover valuable insights, and boost conversions. Analytics contributes largely to the app’s longevity.

Branding and Identity design

Be bold, memorable, and consistent.

In today's world, where businesses are mushrooming at an unprecedented rate, it's essential to establish a unique brand identity that sets you apart from your competitors. Your brand identity makes you recognisable and memorable to your target audience. It's not just your logo or colour scheme; it's a comprehensive representation of your brand's values, purpose, and personality.

At Flipbox Design, we understand the importance of bold and cohesive branding. A strong brand identity is not just a visual representation but the foundation of any successful business. It helps build customer trust, increase brand recognition, and differentiate your company from competitors. We work closely with our clients to create a unique, authentic, and purposeful brand that attracts people. Our team of experts will help you craft a distinctive, genuine, and purposeful brand. We go beyond the surface level and dive deep into your brand's DNA to create a brand identity that resonates with your target audience. We'll work with you to develop a brand name, logo, colour scheme, typography, messaging, and more. Whether starting a new business or looking to rebrand you’re existing one, we're here to help you create the most comprehensive brand identity to set you apart from your competition and establish your brand as a leader in your industry. Customised brand strategy that aligns with their business goals.


Great user experiences come in handy with your preferred target audience and the understanding of users' needs, inspirations, and goals. At this stage, we conduct primary and secondary research through user interviews, A/B tests, and product audits.


Great user experiences come in handy with your preferred target audience and the understanding of users' needs, inspirations, and goals. At this stage, we conduct primary and secondary research through user interviews, A/B tests, and product audits.


The researched data is gathered to lay a solid foundation for the creativity and design process. Brand identity remains a priority throughout this stage. The company's objectives and long-term goals are also considered.  User flows and wireframes are the tools we use to bring your product to life. User flows help us identify potential pitfalls and the best way to navigate your product. At this stage, we meticulously account for every flow and fully explore user scenarios. By creating wireframes, we can build the 'flesh' of your product, giving you a tangible representation of its structure and functionality.

User Interface and Wireframing

User flows help identify possible pitfalls and the best way to verify the flow of a product. Every flow is accounted for at this stage, and the user scenarios are fully explored. By creating wireframes, we can build the ‘’flesh’’ of the product.

Branding the User Interface

Take inspiration from your brand identity and match it with the overall outlook of the user interface. We then perfect and refine the We interface by incorporating your brand personality.

Prototyping and Scenarios

After all, everything has been done and dusted. We bring your product to life. You can now click on every part of your product and get your first impression of the creative thinking and user interaction included in it.

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