Lohana Lifestyle


lohana lifestyle

Lohana Lifestyle was conceived to create beautiful conscious clothing that is both planet and people-friendly. The sustainable fashion brand is on a mission to produce high-quality garments and bring longevity to Its customers’ daily wear wardrobe.

Client: Lohana Lifestyle
Industry: Fashion
Discipline: Brand Identity, Web Development, 3D Visualisation & UI/UX
Project Team: Marisha van der Merwe, Ronald Masuku, Hassan Abulwafa.

Lohana lifestyle

Brand Identity, Web Development & 3D visualisation of an Indian slow fashion brand.


Brand Identity Development.

The approach to the logo and visual communication was designed based on the Lohana Lifestyle’s values and purpose as a brand. We created simple typography with an earth-tone colour pallet. For the colour palette, we chose a monochromatic colour with a shade of brown (earth-tone). We also designed an alternative logo symbol LL circled by an uneven circle addressing the unbalanced devastation of the environment.

3D Visualisation Interior Workspace

Website Design & Development.

With the logo and colour palette all in place, our next task was to focus on developing an e-commerce website for Lohana Lifestyle. We used the branding assets for the mood inspiration. The first task was to design the UI/UX for the platform before handing it over to our development team to bring it to life. Our objective was to design a high-end website with an excellent user experience since the company’s sales highly depended on the efficiency of the website.


Lohana lifestyle

Designing Brand Assets.
The brand identity was then distributed across all marketing assets to help support brand awareness and the day-to-day running of the business in general. The assets designed included for online use and print. We also designed a simple biodegradable package that compliments Lohana Lifestyle’s brand identity.