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lohana lifestyle

Lohana Lifestyle is a sustainable fashion brand start-up based in Vadodara, India. The company recently launched their collection and required an inspiring work environment for its staff. They provided us with inspirational images and a 2D workspace layout of their interiors. With the help of the brand guide supplied by the Flipbox branding team, our CGI team created stunning computer-generated images that inspired the interiors. Our team created interior renders based on the provided workspace layout and inspirational internet photos.

Client: Lohana Lifestyle
Industry: Fashion & Beauty
Discipline: 3D Visualisation 
Project Team: Ronald Masuku

interior 3D Visualisation

Lohana lifestyle

Designing Brand Assets.
The brand identity was then distributed across all marketing assets to help support brand awareness and the day-to-day running of the business in general. The assets designed included for online use and print. We also designed a simple biodegradable package that compliments Lohana Lifestyle’s brand identity.